Our Mission, vision and value

What differentiates and defines us

Our mission

Versailles (48) Inc. work in the field of corrosion protection and chemical since 1948. A leader in the market, our mission is to offer our customers in the industrial, mining and civil engineering, the most efficient and innovative solutions for preparation surface and corrosion protection. We want to ensure the sustainability of their facilities and provide added value, at a competitive price.

Our vision

Our short-term vision is to amplify our leadership role in order to ensure the sustainability of our operations in the territories where we are already present by surpassing the level of excellence of our services for the sectors served. In the medium term, our vision is to export our expertise across Canada.

 Over the past 10 years, Versailles (48) Inc. has maintained its presence in Quebec and has made impact in Canadian provinces such as, Alberta, Ontario, the Maritime provinces and northern Québec.


Our values

Our values are the foundation of the company, our beliefs drive us and characterize the DNA of the company. That show everyone how Versailles (48) Inc. intends to achieve its goals through its behavioral guidelines.

Show empathy towards your partners.ealth and Safety: Perform work safely and diligently, following procedures at all times established work

Environment: Prevent and minimize the environmental impacts of our operations

Quality: Making a project right the first time

Customer satisfaction / customer experience: A satisfied customer is a loyal customer

Innovation: Commit to always be searching and application of new working methods and innovative technologies.

 Competence: Maintain a level of excellence in the execution of the work by carrying out continuous training

 Teamwork: Sharing our diverse knowledge

  • Cooperate in achieving team goals and demonstrate goodwill.
  • Accepting the differences and encourage the participation of all team members.
  • Recognize the contribution of everyone’s.
  • Show solidarity with the decisions made by the team.

Respect : Be and feel fulfilled allows each individual to grow within the company a sense of belonging and pride 

  • See colleagues as partners.
  • Show empathy towards your partners.
  • Treat partners with consideration, diplomacy


Integrity / Ethics: Building relationships based on mutual trust. Our actions are guided by the integrity and respect we have for our customers, our suppliers, our partners, towards each other.

 Balance work / family: Advocating a work environment that allows us to achieve a balance between our professional lives and our personal lives. We recognize that balancing professional demands and personal obligations poses unique challenges for each of us.