Pressure vessels

Equipment that is safe, efficient and complies with the Regulation respecting Pressure vessels

Laws and regulations

Since 2018, before operating and using an abrasive jet system, you must declare to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) your pressure installation.

In addition to ensuring the conformity of pressure equipment. Versailles (48) Inc. is currently the only company in Quebec to have a pressure equipment installer license and which works mainly in the paint and blasting sector.

We are thus able to issue compliance notices for all our work as required. le Règlement sur les installations sous pression – B 1.1, r. 6.1de la Loi sur le bâtiment.

Upgrade required

Delivered new from the manufacturer Clemco,
the equipment must be modified and upgraded to comply with the laws and regulations of pressure vessels.

Compliant and certified

• Conformity certificates, CRN et ’’data report’’ up to date.
• Pressure gauge and safety valve present.
• Pipe tested in the foundry with proof of traceability.

What does it change
in our work?

• Safe equipment.
• Quality and performance of the systems.
• Reliability of operation of the equipment.
• Certification of the installation before the pressurized system is put into service.
• Daily check before use.

And for
our customers?

• The RBQ recognizes the quality, reliability and safety of our equipment.
• Certified our installations without an external inspector for the majority of our projects.
• We take responsibility for issuing the declaration of pressurized installation work with the RBQ.
• The assurance of working with a supplier in accordance with the laws and regulations of the RBQ.

Pioneer and leader
in anticorrosive treatment
since 1948
Currently the only company in our
sector of activity to be licensed
for pressure vessels installations.