The environment a priority

We are very sensitive to the protection of the environment in the performance of our work. We act diligently to ensure the integrity of the sites we work on.

Knowing and understanding the instructions, doing the right things and making the right choices will have a positive impact on our environmental footprint.

Alain Beaulieu – V.P. General manager

We recognize that the use of abrasive blast as a surface preparation medium is problematic for the environment. We use different method to reduce dust harmful to workers and the public. High pressure water jet equipment and EcoQuip systems reduce dust emissions into the air. Versailles 48 Inc. greatly promotes this type of surface preparation. We think about the benefits of the environment without affecting the quality of the work.


Concerned about the environment, during lead-based paint abatement work, Versailles (48) Inc. responsibly manages the execution of the work, both at the level of the containment installation at negative pressure only for the management of residues generated by the stripping work.


Samples of used abrasives are collected and sent to a laboratory recognized by le Ministère du Développement Durable, de l’Environnement et des Parc du Québec (MDDEP) for analysis and characterization. If the residues are recognized as dangerous and contaminated, we will properly dispose of the residues and send them to a disposal site recognized by the MDDEP of Québec. We will provide proof of disposal upon request.



In addition to ISO 14001 certifications, the management of this kind of work is ensured by our SSPC-C3 certified staff (Supervisor / Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures) of the SSPC organization, qualified in the management of such work. .


Also in order to generate as little VOC as possible in the air during paint application work, Versailles (48) Inc. limits the use of solvents in paint to a minimum.


For the disposal of used solvents, old oil, antifreeze or any other contaminating liquids, Versailles 48 Inc. calls on companies specializing in the recycling of this type of material and recognized by the MDDEP of Québec.