We invest time and money to keep staff up-to-date. We exceed industry requirements in health, safety, environment and quality control.

Here is an overview of our training…

Health and safety

  • Construction site safety course
  • Confined Space Supervisor Course
  • Confined Space Work Course
  • Respirator mask leak test
  • Wearing a safety harness
  • Safety harness check
  • First responder
  • Equipment lockout
  • Safe Forklift Operation
  • Safe operation of lifting platform
  • Safe telescopic boom operation

Paint Application – Plural Pump
Graco XTrem Mix – Operating Procedure

SSPC-C3 (Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures)

Quality control
NACE – CIP (Coating Inspector Program)

In house training
Surface preparation and coating application in confine space

Health and safety

Our company is proud to mention that its daily commitment to health and safety is constant and that we offer our services in a spirit of maximum safety faithfully following the principle: “Our values guide our words and our actions”.

Le ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ) and several contractors have undertaken a program to revitalize their infrastructure that dates back several years. Most of these structures are coated with lead-based paint. The abatement of lead-based paint is a very high risk job for workers. Our company employs certified staff SSPC-C3 ( Supervisor / Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures ) organization SSPC , qualified in the management (health, safety and environment) of such work and makes sure to meet the provincial (CSST) and federal standards by providing personnel assigned to this type of work with all personal hygiene equipment and medical monitoring (blood test – blood lead level and ZPP – spinal cord).

Another of our specialties is work in confined spaces. All our staff have been trained to work in confined spaces but also in confined space surveillance.

Before the start of a project, in order to ensure good risk management, our health and safety specialist draws up a specific occupational health and safety program to be carried out on this project. A meeting before the start of the project is held with the employees concerned in order to explain to them the risks associated with the said work.

Finally, a security task analysis is performed daily before the start of the shift in order to review the risks related to the tasks to be performed during the day.


Anxious to offer quality work to its customers, Versailles 48 Inc. in its employ of inspectors certified NACE Level 1 and NACE Level 3

Also concerned about environmental protection and health and safety during lead-based paint abatement work on structures and infrastructures, Versailles 48 Inc. has among its staff two (2) SSPC-C3 certified employees ( Supervisor / Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures) of the SSPC organization, qualified in management (health, safety and environment) for this type of work.