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Corrosion protection – Complete solution

In the province of Quebec, Versailles 48 Inc. is considered has a pioneer and a leader regarding anti-corrosive protection. Having staffs in the Montreal and Quebec areas, Versailles 48 Inc. is able to offer high quality services via our employees dedicated to a close relation with the customers.

We offer many services using advanced technologies and by offering an efficient and economically competitive expertise.

We promote an accurate assessment of the needs of our customers in order to adequately answer their demands effectively respecting the following principles :

  • Safe and secure methods
  • Economic and effective solutions
  • Tested and innovating technologies
  • An optimal engagement to the costumers
  • Industry best practices


Versailles Inc. was created in 1948 by Mr. Paul Versailles. However, it is necessary to come back up to 1915 in order to understand the true origins of the company. Indeed, Joseph Versailles, father of Paul Versailles, found the city of Montreal-Est in 1910 and was the mayor of the city until his death. In addition, he did bought several lots on this same territory a few years before. During the Fifties, Paul Versailles observes the appearance of Oil Company which was established in the same area which had been acquired by his father.

Mr. Paul Versailles is the owner of a hardware, which leads it to sell painting. The customers frequently request painter’s services. At the time, Mr. Versailles had to proceed of recruitment of painters, which will have as a consequence a significant paint contracts business. Paul Versailles thus forsakes the activities of hardware to devote itself entirely to the activities of painting. Quickly, Versailles is directed towards the commercial and industrial market.

Versailles establishes its fame into importing the abrasive blast surface preparation process from the United States. The company even becomes by fact, a leader in the East of Canada. In the industrial sector, Versailles serves oil industry, pulp and paper industry and petrochemical industry. On its side, the commercial sector activities keep mainly the crenel of the real estate, which represent institutional building, as well as governmental buildings and hotel.

Mr. Jean Crousset, Daniel father, make his entry at Versailles in 1959, extremely of his experienced in naval paint work performing surface preparation and coating application work. Year after years, his involvement in the company was greater and he finally became the president of the company. Later, his son, Daniel Crousset joint Versailles. He learns the trade by climbing all the levels: painter apprentice, painter-blaster, foreman, superintendent and estimator. In 1989, Daniel became president of the company, which makes possible the second Crousset generation to take the direction of Versailles.

Since now nearly 20 years, Daniel Crousset devoted itself to the growth of the activities of Versailles 48 Inc. with an aim of ensuring its future. Preparation of the next generation of workers and management is a constant concern which testifies to its capacity to maintain Versailles in its position of leader in the industry.


Abrasive blast :

• 4 mobile units / 1 lance
• 1 mobile units / 2 lances
• 2 trailers / 2 lances
• 2 units /4 lances – Blast pot
• 6 ton. and 8 ton.

Blastrack :

• 1 unit

High Pressure Water Jetting :

• 4 units / 5 000 PSI / 1 lance
• 1 unit / 10 000 PSI / 2 lances
• 1 unit / 15 000 PSI / 1 lance

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

• 1 unit / 40 000 PSI / 2 lances
• (Limited availability on the market)
• 1 unit / floor scrubber (8 jets)

Vacuum :

• 2 units / 3700 CFM

Dust collector :

• 1 electric unit / 8 000 CFM
• 1 electric explosion proof unit / 8 000 CFM
• 1 diesel unit / 8 000 CFM
• 2 units / 4 000 CFM

Compressor :

• 3 units / 900 CFM HP
• 2 units / 825 CFM
• 2 units / 750 CFM HP
• 3 units / 375 CFM HP

Coating Application :

Standard airless pump :

• 10 units / 68:1 to 30:1 ratio

Plural component airless pump :

• 2 units / variable ratio
• (Graco Xtrem Mix , ratio 1:1 to 10:1)
• 1 unit (Graco Hydra Cat, 2:1 et 4:1)

Texture airless pump :

• 1 unit

“Chartek” airless pump (fire proofing) :

• 1 unit

Metallization :

Sulzer Metco, Ecoarc 600 :

• 2 units

Sulzer Metco, Ecoarc 350 :

• 1 unit

Decon trailer :

Shower trailer (use for deleading project) :

• 1 unit

Accreditation – Licence

# of RBQ license: 1638 – 6252 – 47

# CSST : 80898431

# CCQ : 60 692-469


Certified applicator


Fire proofing

Hybrid Polyurea Coating

Hybrid Polyurea Coating

Hybrid Polyurea Coating

100% Solid NOVOLAC Epoxy

100% Solid NOVOLAC Epoxy




Sherwin Williams

Amercoat Canada



ICI Devoe











NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers

Wishing to provide quality work to its customers, Versailles 48 Inc. makes quality control of the work being and having been done. To perform quality control, the company have to its employment one (1) Certified NACE Inspector – Level 3 and three (3) Certified NACE inspectors level 1. Moreover, two (2) other employees are in training in order to obtain level NACE 1.

Alain Beaulieu                      Certified NACE Inspector  Level 3 # 4775
Steve Brault Crousset         Certified NACE inspector  Level 3 # 26565
Marc-André Lacoste           Certified NACE inspector Level 3  # 49975

Yannick Crousset                 Certified NACE inspector level 1
André Cyr                              Certified NACE inspector level 1
Pierre Hamel                        Certified NACE inspector level 1

SSPC – The Society off Protective Coatings

Also concerned of the environmental and health safety protection during lead base paint abatement work on structures and infrastructures, Versailles 48 Inc. count among its personnel two (2) employed SSPC-C3 certified (Qualified Supervisor/Person Training for Deleading off Industrial Structures) from the organization SSPC , qualified in management (health & safety and environment) for this type of work.

Alain Beaulieu SSPC-C3

Gaétan Langlois SSPC-C3

nace sspc


As it was mentioned in the previous pages, Versailles 48 Inc. do not hesitate to invest time and money in order to ensure the leveling of the personnel and to meet the requirements of the industry as much on the level of health and safety, environment and the quality control. Here is an exhaustive list of the various training which our personnel has or must follow to be able to work :

Health and Safety

  • Health & Safety Related to Construction Job Site Training
  • Confine Space Surveyor Training
  • Confine Space Work Training
  • Fit Test – Respirator Mask
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Harness Verification Training
  • First-Aid Training
  • Equipment Lock Out Training
  • Forklift Safe Operation Training
  • Scissor Lift Safe Operation Training/span>
  • Man lift Safe Operation Training

Plural Component Coating Application

Graco XTrem Mix Operation Training


SSPC-C3 (Qualified Supervisor/ Person Training for Deleading off Industrial Structures)

Quality control

NACE – CIP (Coating Inspector Program)

Health and safety

Our company is proud to mention that its daily engagement regarding health and safety is constant and we provide our services in a spirit of maximum safety following faithfully the principle: “Our values guide our words and actions”.

We are also proud to be able to count on highly qualified personnel regarding health and safety. To maintain this level of excellence, our company does not hesitate to invest time and money in order to ensure the leveling of the personnel and to meet the requirements of the industry.

Versailles 48 Inc. is a leader in the industry and does not hesitate to acquire with the new processes, techniques or equipment in order to optimize the execution of its work. But which says evolution in the technique, also known as evolution in the prevention as regards health and safety.

Our company acquired in the last years with ultra high pressure water jetting equipment (40K PSI). This equipment is very effective for steel surface preparation but also requires knowledge about the operation of this process to prevent accidents. That is why, Versailles 48 Inc. collaborate with the CSST, the facility owners, and the various institution of safety training in order to promote the safe use of this type of equipment.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) as well as several facility owners undertook a maintenance program of their infrastructures which were built several years ago. The majority of these structures are covered with lead base paint. The abatement of lead base paint constitutes a work at the very high risk for the workers. Our company has trained employees certified SSPC-C3 (Qualified Supervisor/Person Training for Deleading off Industrial Structures) from the organization SSPC-C3 (Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures) de l’organisation SSPC, qualified in management (health & safety and environment) of that kind of work and ensures itself to meet the provincial standards (CSST) and federal providing to the assigned workers, all the personal hygiene equipment and medical follow-up (blood test – lead rate in blood and ZPP – spinal cord).

Confine space is also one of our specialties. Our entire employees were trained for work in confine space but also in monitoring confine space.

Before the beginning of a project, to ensure a good risk management, our health safety specialist make a site specific safety program related to the work having to be carried out on the project. A safety kick off meeting before the beginning of the project is held with the employees concerned in order to explain them the risks related to the work they have to perform.

Lastly, a daily job safety analysis is done before the beginning of the work shift in order to review the risks related to the tasks carried out during the day.

By their exemplary commitment, Versailles 48 Inc. and their employees highlight themselves in the industry with an exceptional assessment of accident compared to the man-hours worked and make our company more competitive.