Our priority.

Our company is very sensitive to the environmental protection in the execution of its work and acts promptly to be ensured of the integrity of the sites on which we work.


As leader in the industry, Versailles 48 Inc. is aware that the use of the abrasive blast as media of surface preparation are problematic for the environment creating of hazard dust for the workers and the public. Though the abrasive blast cleaning cannot be eliminated completely, Versailles 48 Inc. acquired several high and ultra high pressure water jetting equipments in order to limit the use of the abrasive blast cleaning and therefore, reducing the dust emissions in the air. Versailles 48 Inc. promotes largely this type of surface preparation to its customers showing them the benefits for the environment without affecting the quality of work.

Concerned of the environment, during lead base paint abatement work, Versailles 48 Inc. manage with great diligence the execution of the work and this, as much on the enclosure installation than for the management of the hazard residues generated by the surface preparation process. Samples of worn abrasives are collected and forwarded to a laboratory recognized by the MDDEP of Quebec for analysis and characterization. If the residues are recognized hazardous and contaminated with lead, Versailles 48 Inc. will adequately dispose with diligence the residues and will forward them to a decontamination site recognized by the “Ministère du Développement Durable, de l’Environnement et des Parc du Québec” (MDDEP) and thereafter, will provide to the customer, a disposal certificate. At Versailles 48 Inc., the management of this kind of work are ensured by our SSPC-C3 (Qualified Supervisor/Person Training for Deleading off Industrial Structures) certified personnel from the organization SSPC, qualified in management (health & safety and environment) of such work.

During coating application work, in order to generate the least emission of VOC in the air, Versailles 48 Inc. limit at minimum the use of solvent in the paint.

Regarding used solvents disposal, old oil, antifreeze or all others contaminant liquid, Versailles 48 Inc. use specialized companies recognized by the MDDEP of Quebec, who will collect, recycle and dispose that kind of product.