A properly trained staff.

Versailles 48 Inc. do not hesitate to invest time and money in order to ensure the leveling of the personnel and to meet the requirements of the industry as much on the level of health and safety, environment and the quality control.

Here is an exhaustive list of the various training which our personnel has or must follow to be able to work :


Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety Related to Construction Job Site Training
  • Confine Space Surveyor Training
  • Confine Space Work Training
  • Fit Test – Respirator Mask
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Harness Verification Training
  • First-Aid Training
  • Equipment Lock Out Training
  • Forklift Safe Operation Training
  • Scissor Lift Safe Operation Training
  • Man lift Safe Operation Training

Plural Component Coating Application
Graco XTrem Mix Operation Training


SSPC-C3 (Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures)

Control quality
NACE – CIP (Coating Inspector Program)