Versailles 48 Inc. is specialized mainly in the anti-corrosive steel surface treatment of any kinds in the markets such as light and heavy industrial and civil engineering (bridge).

We perform work everywhere in Quebec and Canada. Work in the international is under development.

The following is a list of services we provide :

• Surface preparation – steel surfaces and concrete
• Abrasive blast cleaningHigh Pressure Water Jetting
Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
Blast track
Architectural finish of concrete surface
Coating ApplicationMulti-layer coating system100% solid epoxy
Modified Polyurea
Anti-corrosive coating for floor of tank – “tank lining”All kinds of epoxy coating (polyamine, phenolic, novolac) Standard or plural component application
Confine Space Work
Fire proofing application (fire protection)
Hydro demolition by Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
Equipment rental

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