In the province of Quebec, Versailles 48 Inc. is considered has a pioneer and a leader regarding anti-corrosive protection. Year after years, Versailles 48 Inc. knew to innovate and adapt to the market in which it worked in order to offer to its customers, efficient solutions as regards anti-corrosive protection against the atmospheric, chemical or bacteriological effects.

Versailles 48 Inc. work in close cooperation with the paint manufacturers in order to provide to its customers the best anti-corrosive solutions by meeting budget and need of these customers.

In the markets such as; light or heavy industrial and civil engineering, anti-corrosive protection have an essential part with short, medium and long term in the maintenance and the structural integrity of equipment. In fact, whatever the type of surface :

• Storage Tank
• Steel Structures
• Industrial Production Equipment
• Bridges

A good follow-up of the anti-corrosive systems alloy to the owners to save money in ensuring a long lasting life service and profitability of their equipments and in a collateral way, to project an excellent corporative image.

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