Versailles 48 Inc. is a pioneer and leader in Quebec regarding special coating application. Since its foundation, Versailles 48 Inc. did several projects using special coating application such as plural component application, 100% solid epoxy coatings, hybrid polyurea, fireproofing coatings and products, metallization, cold galvanizing, fiberglass lining, etc.

On customer’s request (Shell and Ultramar), Versailles was the first industrial paint contractor to make the installation of reinforced fiberglass tank lining on the floor inside oil storage tank. Since, the company counts over 250 to 300 of tank lining projects using special coatings in the province of Quebec and Ontario and in near future, in Alberta . These special coatings have various characteristics and their use varies according to the customer requirements such as; structural integrity, fast start-up, type of cargo, etc. Kind of products used were :

• Fiberglass and Polyester Resin
• Fiberglass and Epoxy Resin
• Phenolic Epoxy
• Hybrid polyurea

And the type of application process varied according to the period and the product :

• Brush and Roller Application
• Standard Airless Application
• Plural Component Airless Application

Other special coatings applied were intumescent coatings (“fire proofing”) such as Chartek from International Paint manufacturer used for fire protection on steel structures at some of our customer’s facilities like Shell.

Our company achieved several paint projects on concrete floor with high-strength products such as 100% solid epoxy.

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