Versailles 48 Inc. is a pioneer and leader in Quebec regarding of metal and different surface (concrete) treatment.

In fact, Mr. Paul Versailles was the first in Quebec to import the method of blast abrasive surface preparation. Since, year after years, Versailles 48 Inc. did not cease innovating and adapting to the market in which it worked in order to offer to its customers efficient and economic solutions as regards surface preparation.

At the beginning, the environmental laws and health and safety regulations were not very developed; the abrasive blast cleaning consisted mainly of a sand blast producing lots of dust during its use. Later there was the appearance of several types of abrasives such as; mineral, metal and naturalness which depends on the uses could help to decrease the health and the environment risks. Also, the induction of water to the abrasive blast (sand blast) was used in order to reduce dust emission and in fact, reduce considerably the health and environment risks.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Versailles 48 Inc. acquired several types of surface preparation process such as metal grit blast robot for the surface preparation of tank shell. Versailles stopped using this technology because of its expensive operation cost and the reliability of the robot.

Since the years 2000, Versailles 48 Inc largely invested in the water jetting technology. The use of the water jetting to high (5 K PSI) and ultra high (40K PSI) pressure alloy to achieve steel surface preparation like abrasive blast while being much more ecological, save and economic. American associations such as NACE and SSPC developed definitions and standards to govern standard of process which is used more and more in industry.

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